Cell Reports - ROS regulate cardiac function in Drosophila via a novel paracrine mechanism. PLoS Genetics - Huntington's Disease Induced Cardiac Amyloidosis Is Reversed by Modulating Protein Folding and Oxidative Stress Pathways in the Drosophila Heart. PLoS Genetics - A Drosophila model of high sugar diet-induced cardiomyopathy. Cell - A global in vivo Drosophila RNAi screen identifies NOT3 as a conserved regulator of heart function. Science - Sestrin as a feedback inhibitor of TOR that prevents age-related pathologies. Molecular Biology of the Cell - Myosin transducer mutations differentially affect motor function, myofibril structure, and the performance of skeletal and cardiac muscles. Neuron - Neurogenesis of the peripheral nervous system in Drosophila embryos: DNA replication patterns and cell lineages.


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